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Louisianna Again … Who’s the Daddy? Sunday, 23 October 2005

Posted by R Garfield in Views On News.

My father’s going down to Louisianna again, as part of a disaster relief team from the Southern Baptists. This’ll make his third or fourth rotation going down. They set up portable showers and kitchens, in conjuntion with the Red Cross and other organizations.

Don’t they say that as Parents and children get older, the kids assume some of the rolls of parenting? I’m starting to figure out what ‘they’ meant when they said that.

I’m proud of my dad. I’m glad he wants and is able to go down to help others. But I also worry about down there… I can’t forget the fact some idiots were shooting at repair crew and rescue workers. I worry about my mom being home alone while he’s gone.

In the end, though, pride wins. Not only in my father, or the Baptists, but also in this area as a whole … several people from the Tri-Cities area have gone south to help where they can.

Of course, I’m still going to be calling Mom every night until he gets home. Just to check on the both of them.


Called Mom – Dad’s group has been diverted to Florida to join up with a convoy. They’re heading over from … La Place? … to be on hand immediately after the possible disaster there. This at the least is better than Louisianna, where relief was a long time in coming. 



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