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Virginia’s Elections Friday, 11 November 2005

Posted by R Garfield in Views On News.

I’ve made it a goal that I was going to keep this blog innocuous. Think of it as ‘the no-fat blog.’ Avoid contentious issues, and voicing opinions about things that might tend to alienate customers, friends, relatives, advertisers… and most especially, employers.

That being said, I’m about to comment about the Virginia elections, though I’m going to try to do so in a very inoffensive way:

  1. Tim Kaine WON! YES!! I’ve only met the man once, but I’ve got to say, he made an impression. I’m glad he won.
  2. This isn’t the only campaign where I’ve had something of an ‘inside’ look at the manoeuvring to try to win a seat in government. But this season wins hands down for the most work that I have ever done on campaign material that never saw the light of day, or even the dark of night, and it exhausted me. I’m glad it’s over.
  3. It’s not over yet. There’s a sense of momentum here in Scott County, even though our candidate for House of Delegates didn’t win, and it’ll be interesting to see where it might lead.
  4. I’m sorry my boss didn’t win. He was the Democratic candidate for First District House of Delegates.
  5. I’m sorry Creigh Deeds didn’t win (at least not yet, there’s a recount in the offing). There’s something to be said for having a unified ticket sweep the state-wide elections. However:
  6. I’m not sure how I feel about Leslie Byrne not winning. She wasn’t a very palatable candidate around here. I can say with some certainty that it’s not her gender or even her ‘liberal’ politics that made her that way: it was instead her statements along the lines of ‘Southwest Virginia doesn’t matter.’

    Her eleventh hour visits hereabouts couldn’t overcome the ill will those types of remarks generated. On the sidewalks, news that “Byrne’s finally made a SWVA appearance’ was met with upturned noses and people saying, “Well, what’s SHE want?”

    Here’s a newsflash: maybe in terms of political number crunching, an area doesn’t matter. However, when you’re running for state-wide office, all of the people you’re trying to represent have a home that matters. At best it’s folly to go about trumpeting that anyone’s circumstances don’t matter. When you say that, all you’re really saying is that you have no connection, you’re not interested in having a connection, and their concerns are not ones you’ll listen to when – if ­- you get elected.

  7. I’m probably not as disappointed with the election results as my good friend Michelle Jenkins, Scott County’s Republican vice-chair.


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