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Writely, Netvibes are Groovy Sunday, 18 December 2005

Posted by R Garfield in Technology.

Dion Hinchcliffe has made a list, checked far more than twice, of the best Web 2.0 software for 2005. While there are several categories on the list, and several applications, here are two of them that I really like:

  • Writely is an online word processor that’s multi-user, compatible with MS word and Open Office. You can even use it to write and publish to your blog – both here and there. The return of spell checking! Yes! (And a use for your API key, also.)
    You don’t have to use the API key. According to writely:

    If you’re using a WordPress.com weblog, use http://.wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php; otherwise, replace with http:///

  • Netvibes is your own personal start page, on steroids – or at least, on AJAX. Similar to Google’s personal start page, I actually like Netvibes better (wow) because it can identify and add wordpress feeds – something Google has constantly had problems with. Plus, it accesses my Gmail account, as well as my Writely documents page.

Please forgive my bad punning in the title.

Oh, and if anyone would a GMail invite, please let me know…



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