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Former Secretaries Urge LeBlanc’s Confirmation Sunday, 19 February 2006

Posted by R Garfield in Political, State of Virginia, Views On News.

Senate and House Republicans have been urged by former secretaries from both sides of the political aisle to allow LeBlanc to serve on Tim Kaine’s cabinet.

I’ve been trying to figure this one out, which is why I’ve not posted anything about it before. Several people seem to feel that it’s because Senate and House Republicans want to do the big hairy ape thing and flex their biceps – maybe to show Kaine, a Democrat, just who it is that is going to be running the Commonwealth. I’ve never really bitten into either of those arguments.

What I think – and I have no real basis for this, other than armchair quarterbacking – is that it’s fear and intimidation. It’s not the Senators and Delegates that are afraid, though – it’s their behind-the-scene bosses. Recent campaign disclosures have shown once again that far more Republicans than Democrats are pocketing funds from Big Business interests, in ways that could be described as being ‘a little sideways.’

Those bosses look at the possibility of the appointment of someone who’s taken a stand for the little guy – the ones they make their bucks on the back of – and got a bit fearful. So, they pick up the phones, call up the people they made those big campaign donations to, and say “Let’s get rid of this guy. Even if he supports the policy, he’ll have a powerful PR position to speak from.”

And all the little boys and girls chorus, “Yessir!”

And we here in the Commonwealth get something that’s been on its way for some time: “Government by the Big Corps, for the Big Corps; which shall not perish from the earth.”

Senator John McCain has stated publicly that although America has done well economically, that the average American, the working class, has not shared in the fruits of that success. It looks like the GOP is determined that workers will continue to be denied a voice as well.



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