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Progress? Thursday, 30 March 2006

Posted by R Garfield in Drifting, Personal.

The Progress Edition has been endured for another year. It is the worst thing to go through, because it drags for an eternity, with little pieces coming together and gathering mass towards the end of the deadline. At the end, there is more work to do than in all the months leading up to it – typically, it gets at its worst when trying to put the last pieces into place hours before deadline for the last two of five sections, and this year was no exception.

This year was worse because two of the last things to be put in were car ads that had to be corrected and approved. One of them was changed an hour after it was approved. The only thing that could hae made any difference would have been if I had stayed awake the entire 36 hour period of Monday and Tuesday. That was actually a consideration, but the fact of working the entire weekend, including very late into Sunday, made that more than improbable…

"The spirit is willing, but the body demands sleep" …

In college, I could have pulled off such a feat, and often did. These days, the mind sees clearly what must be done, but jerking awake in fornt of the monitor with the typing in a shambles is far from the best way to achieve the ends desired. 



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