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Like father, like son? Thursday, 6 April 2006

Posted by R Garfield in Local, Night, Political, The Left Side.
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Steve Dougherty, son of former Gate City Mayor Charles 'JR' Dougherty, Jr., is running for a spot on town council. I've been told by a fairly reputable source that he allegedly has about 100 absentee ballots to his credit now.

If you want to ask a question such as, "how can anyone know that?" … I'm right there with you. How can anyone know this? My assumption is that the political machinery that has operated so well in past Scott County elections have brought in 100 pre-filled ballots loyal Republican absentee voters, who are expected to vote for anyone the Kilgores want them to vote for the 'party' line.

If anyone actually knows who is voting for whom at this point in time, let alone the numbers, then you've gotta know, something's rotten in Scott County. The stench just hasn't reached the courtrooms yet.

I'd like to think I could support JR's son, were he elected, but the fact is, I will never trust anyone who wins any election in Scott County by an absentee landslide.


No Financial Cents Thursday, 6 April 2006

Posted by R Garfield in Bemused, Views On News.
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Reports are that high school seniors are still flunking when it comes to knowledge about finance. Unlike, say, quadratic equations, these are items it really does help to learn before you get a 'real life' edumacation…