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Kilgore’s Aunt Pleads The Fifth Friday, 21 July 2006

Posted by R Garfield in Drifting.

After the first day of testimony in Charles “JR” Dougherty’s second trial, Gate City is abuzz about the tactic attorney Carl McAfee took when he attempted to shift the blame to Registrar Willie Mae Kilgore for any improprieties in the first election in Virginia’s history where the results for both the mayor’s and town council’s race were thrown out by the courts.

McAfee subpoenaed Betty Pendleton and her sister, Willie Mae Kilgore. Pendleton first asserted her Fifth Ammendment rights against self-incrimination, but testified after prosecutor Joel Branscom offered her immunity arising from her testimony. Her testimony claimed no wrong-doing on her part, or on the part of the registrar’s office.

This is an interesting development, as previously, all parties had denied any wrong-doing. Now, it appears as if there’s an acknowledement that wrong-doing did in fact occur – a conclussion that surprises few people, indeed – but a major split in a formerly close-knit group concerning the allocation of blame.

Willie Mae Kilgore is the mother of Jerry Kilgore, who lost against Tim Kaine in a bid to become the governor of Virginia, and state delegate Terry Kilgore. Kilgore came under fire during the governor’s race, with some residents claiming she used her office for political gain for her sons and others, charges that she has continually refuted.




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