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Cancellations… Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Posted by R Garfield in Bemused, Drifting, Night.
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It’s that durned busy time of year again.

I do like my job, but it seems as though I have been cancelling just about everything I’ve planned to do for the past bit.

  • Trip to Marion – cancelled
  • Trip to Richmond – cancelled
  • Jefferson Forest hike – cancelled (by others)
  • Dungannon parade – cancelled
  • day woodworking – cancelled
  • working on brother’s house – cancelled
  • birthday party – cancelled (It was my birthday ;p)
  • weekend lazing about – cancelled

I think I feel a vacation coming on, after the torture round of football programs is concluded (The first two home games per team are always the worst).

I had Damien call mtonight as he ended his shift, the idea being I could go in and knock some work on its tail. Ha. That was about an hour ago, and I’m still trying toget myhead around the ‘waking up’ part of the deal. May go back to bed and just try in the morning.