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“bipartisan bad idea” Saturday, 13 January 2007

Posted by R Garfield in Political, Technology.

From TechDirt:

Not to single out one party, since this is a bipartisan bad idea, but somehow I don’t remember “protecting the RIAA’s outdated business models” as one of the tenets of the Democrat’s “First 100 Hours” push. The head of the RIAA adds that satellite radio companies are ripping off musicians, once again trying to play the fairness card. Keep in mind, though, that this bill would increase the royalties paid to the RIAA-backed SoundExchange royalty clearinghouse — the group that conveniently can’t find a bunch of musicians to whom royalties are owed. And when it can’t find people to pay, guess who gets to keep the money.

Just goes to show – you don’t have to be a Republican to go in Reverse.



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