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100 Drops of Water Sunday, 16 July 2006

Posted by R Garfield in Civitan.
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Civitan officers are required to take training from Civitan International each year, to maintain their club’s standing. One of the team building exercises at this year’s training was to challenge perceptions. Before beginning, participants were asked how many drops of water they thought a penny could hold. (Those of you who know about surface tension are probably saying a lot right now. Sorry, not specific enough.)

Guesses ranged from 3 to 30. Most participants were amazed when they managed to get 40 or more drops to stay on the penny. My team managed to get 100 placed before we stopped.

The moral of the exercise was that people’s perceptions of what they were able to accomplish could be a limiting factor – that the reality of what people could achieve by making a series of small steps – placing single drops of water, in this case – could far surpass their expectations.