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Interesting Trends, courtesy of Google Saturday, 14 January 2006

Posted by R Garfield in Day, Technology.
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Google has launched a TRENDS section to their personalized search history. It’s a pretty neat little widget, showing my daily, monthly, and hourly searching habits (most of my searches take place late Friday night) and my Top 10s in earches, Sites, and Clicks. (The interesting part is coming, I promise.) I’m not going to run down all of them, but here are a few results from each one:

Top Searches

  • stables “scott county”
  • jview motive browser
  • ***someone’s name*** scott county virginia
  • whois: ***name of a business domain***
  • zonealarm
  • webdav
  • virtual rendering

Top Sites

Top Clicks

  • Scott County Virginia Recreation
  • All businesses in Gate City, Virginia : Amazon.com Yellow Pages
  • ZNAIL – for easier living in a virtual world
  • Dungannon, VA Reatil Shopping Antiques and Collectibles All Other …
  • Zone Labs: Zone Labs, Internet security products, online saftey …

There’s one other Top 10, and this is the interesting part….

People with searches similar to yours also searched for:
1.  tim kaine

What relevance this has to anything is more than I can tell comprehend. It’s the hardest part about being a statistics nut: correlating dtata in a way that makes sense… People that looked for stables, had results for wikipedia and technorati, and clicked on Amazon’s yellow pages are interested in Virginia’s newest governor? Too weird.


Stress Relief Monday, 26 December 2005

Posted by R Garfield in Day, Drifting.
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Google’s official blog has a quick post on stress and stress relief.

I personally like the vacation idea: I wonder how many 3-day weekends I can get in a year? Actually, I wonder how many of those ‘3rd days’ can be a Monday, or better yet – Tuesday.