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Cancellations… Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Posted by R Garfield in Bemused, Drifting, Night.
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It’s that durned busy time of year again.

I do like my job, but it seems as though I have been cancelling just about everything I’ve planned to do for the past bit.

  • Trip to Marion – cancelled
  • Trip to Richmond – cancelled
  • Jefferson Forest hike – cancelled (by others)
  • Dungannon parade – cancelled
  • day woodworking – cancelled
  • working on brother’s house – cancelled
  • birthday party – cancelled (It was my birthday ;p)
  • weekend lazing about – cancelled

I think I feel a vacation coming on, after the torture round of football programs is concluded (The first two home games per team are always the worst).

I had Damien call mtonight as he ended his shift, the idea being I could go in and knock some work on its tail. Ha. That was about an hour ago, and I’m still trying toget myhead around the ‘waking up’ part of the deal. May go back to bed and just try in the morning.


Like father, like son? Thursday, 6 April 2006

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Steve Dougherty, son of former Gate City Mayor Charles 'JR' Dougherty, Jr., is running for a spot on town council. I've been told by a fairly reputable source that he allegedly has about 100 absentee ballots to his credit now.

If you want to ask a question such as, "how can anyone know that?" … I'm right there with you. How can anyone know this? My assumption is that the political machinery that has operated so well in past Scott County elections have brought in 100 pre-filled ballots loyal Republican absentee voters, who are expected to vote for anyone the Kilgores want them to vote for the 'party' line.

If anyone actually knows who is voting for whom at this point in time, let alone the numbers, then you've gotta know, something's rotten in Scott County. The stench just hasn't reached the courtrooms yet.

I'd like to think I could support JR's son, were he elected, but the fact is, I will never trust anyone who wins any election in Scott County by an absentee landslide.

Economic Summit Wednesday, 1 February 2006

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This past weekend, I watched portions of the World Economic Summit on CSPAN. The panel featured two of my favorite political figures: John McCain and Mark Warner. Besides the obvious Democratic-Republican figure differences, both men did a very good job of putting a reasonable, considered, thoughtful face on American politics.

I am contrasting this, of course, with the image of a man whose wife said he tried to milk a male horse (I’m not entirely sure she was joking) and who is arguably the Most Mistaken Public Speaker in America. (You go, George)

Warner spoke strongly about the strides forward Virginia made in the past few years, and made the case for education as a key need for America’s future economic growth. Educational Revitalization is an area I support strongly.

By the time I switched off, I was more convinced than ever that Warner is man that can bring a touch of class back to the office of President.

‘Tis the season… Friday, 23 December 2005

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According to the webclips on top of my gmail account, “vociferous” means loud, noisy.

I’ve got to say, vociferous is exactly the word to describe Kingsport today. I was only on 3 roads, but on those three, I passed by 4 accidents, observed several other near accidents (mostly at 4-way stops), and was almost involved in one (moving on North Eastman at the speed limit. The car in front of the car in front of the car in front of me, slammed on brakes, and so on, and so on….)

The squeal of brakes, the shattering of glass, the crumpling of metal, the wail of sirens and the honking of horns. Ah, the holidays!

I hope yours are merry, happy, and accident free.